Candidate/Applicant Information

Whom Do We Evaluate?
We evaluate individuals seeking either appointment or election to judicial office, including municipal and district courts, superior court, courts of appeal and the Washington Supreme Court. We are a statewide organization and issue ratings for all judicial offices throughout the State.

What Do Our Ratings Mean?
We do not endorse candidates for judicial office. Candidates may be rated exceptionally well qualified (EWQ), well qualified(WQ), qualified(Q), or not qualified (NQ) based on various factors, including but not limited to, the candidate’s integrity, fairness, legal ability, judicial temperament, diligence, community service, and demonstrated commitment to equal justice.

QLaw strives to administer the judicial evaluation rating process in a uniform, fair, and consistent manner. The evaluation process remains the same regardless of the candidate or applicant. Candidates or applicants are not rated in comparison to other candidates or applicants. The rating is valid for three years.

Steps To Obtain an Evaluation
Contact the Chair by emailing [email protected] and include the following information:
  • Indicate the position(s) you are seeking;
  • Whether you are interested in being interviewed by the other minority bar associations at an interview fair to complete the rating process on the same date with all of the organizations;
  • Electronic copy of the Governor’s Office Uniform Judicial Questionnaire;
  • Writing sample; and
  • Any other materials you would like the committee to review
You will be contacted by the Chair or Vice-Chair to schedule an interview. Interviews are typically held within six to eight weeks of receipt of the materials. Interviews occur on weeknights or Saturday mornings.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to seek ratings well in advance of an appointment or election deadline to ensure timeliness. Applicants for appointment should request a rating and provide all required materials a minimum of 30 days before the deadline for submission of the rating to the Governor's Office of General Counsel.

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