DIRECTORY OF LGBTQ+ judicial officers

QLaw, in a joint effort with the Washington State Minority and Justice Commission and the Washington State Gender and Justice Commission, publishes a directory of LGBTQ+ judicial officers in Washington. This includes judges of Tribal Courts and State ALJs. 

The latest edition is available here: Directory of LGBTQ+ Judicial Officers in Washington State (August 2019)

Get listed in our directory of LGBTQ+ judicial officers

If you are a judicial officer at any level in Washington who identifies as LGBTQ+ and would like to be listed in future editions of the directory, please click here to complete the survey.

The directory will be published in two formats: (1) a hard-copy directory to be distributed to judges at judicial conferences and (2) a web-based directory that will be publicly available. Judges responding to the on-line survey may indicate whether they are willing to have their responses made publicly available or distributed only in hard-copy format to other judges.

Completing the survey will not make you a QLaw member or result in your information being listed in QLaw's membership directory. Of course, we welcome you to join QLaw as a member!

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