Our Committees

Our standing committees are always looking for dedicated volunteers, and any of us would be happy to speak with you about how you can get more involved. We also frequently have ad hoc committees and special projects to plan, such as our annual dinner and the fall benefit for our public interest grant program.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is tasked with media relations and publications duties, as well as creating graphic and print materials. Communications also maintains the website and assists with marketing and community outreach. Questions? Email the chair of the Communications Committee.

Issues & Advocacy Committee

The Issues & Advocacy Committee evaluates current social and legal matters of concern to the LGBT community, and makes recommendations to QLaw's Board of Directors regarding action steps, messaging, and joining with other community partners in amici briefs that fulfill our mission. Questions? Email the chairs of the Issues & Advocacy Committee

Judicial Evaluations Committee

The Judicial Evaluations committee evaluates prospective candidates for judicial appointment. To help with this committee, or if you are applying for appointment to a judicial position and seek a rating from QLaw, email the chair of the Judicial Evaluations Committee.

Law Student Outreach Committee

This committee maintains relationships with law students, law schools and law faculty, and maintains an active Mentor/Mentee Program. Questions? Email the chair of the Law Student Outreach Committee.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for outreach and marketing efforts, maintaining our growing membership database, and coordinating our annual membership drive. Questions? Email the chair of the Membership Committee.

Scholarship Committee

The purpose of the Scholarship Committee is to advise the QLaw Board of Directors on the awarding of scholarships. The committee reviews applicants and awards scholarships to qualifying individuals, subject to the availability of funds. Questions? Email the chair of the Scholarship Committee

Social & Service Committee

This committee plans and runs many fabulous QLAW social events, such as our monthly happy hours. Community service activities like the AIDS Walk are also coordinated through this committee. Questions? Email the chair of the Social & Service Committee.

Annual Banquet Committee

This committee coordinates all of the tasks necessary to put on QLaw's annual banquet, our biggest event of the year. Serving on the committee is fun and interesting. Questions? Email the chair of the Annual Banquet Committee

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